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Our Approach

1hope International Foundation is an exceptional organization that is composed of well-driven staff and volunteers who strive to provide the best social welfare service around the world. The foundation is built upon the very notions of diversity, unity, and respect. 1hope International Foundation plays a significant role in saving lives, helping abandoned children, disabled and elderly people. The foundation combats these substantial issues by providing basic necessities such as food, clothes, and shelter to those in need.

Our Story

Since February 7 of 2014 1hope International Foundation has been offering services in many different areas—like national and international relief aid assistance to those affected by natural disasters, relief aid to refugees in various countries, rehabilitating the drug addicts, free educational support, free food, clothing, and blankets to those in need people. Ultimately, 1hope International Foundation aids individuals in becoming the very best version of themselves.

Meet the Team

Our leading role in the 1Hope International Foundation is to provide unique, holistic support for homeless and vulnerable Youth through health, education and community involvement.

Jamila Khan


A school teacher, Director at 1hope International Foundation; She is deeply involved to improve the youth through education, and working to uplift the living standard of poor people.

Amer Maqsood

Amer Maqsood


An IT professional; He is serving as a director since February 2014 at 1hope International Foundation. He devoted his knowledge and time for the betterment of humanity.

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Javed Syed


Local business professional.


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