Food Bank

1hope International Foundation strives to tackle hunger with the most vulnerable people in the world’s poorest places. From the beginning, 1hope International Foundation has been developing and delivering practical, intelligent, sustainable solutions that have transformed lives. We combine our expertise with local knowledge

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Hygiene/ Clothing


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Youth Services

Education gives a child the skill for life- without it, they will find it harder to support themselves in adult life.

Please help us fight poverty through education.

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Our Mission

"1hope International Foundation is dedicated to inspire and enable the Youth through health, education and community involvement"

We are proud to say that since then 1hope International Foundation Aid has gone from strength to strength.

The charity is now involved in a wide range of innovative projects in countries across Canada, Africa, and Asia.

Our efforts are really helping people to receive a proper education and lifesaving healthcare, as well as teaching people the skills and giving them the means to earn an independent living.

It’s 1hope International Foundations great hope that, you share this vision and will support the work of 1hope International Foundation now and in the future.    Thank you!


1Hope International Foundation logo
1Hope International Foundation logo