Food Bank

The world produces 17% more food per person today than 30 years ago. But close to a billion people go to sleep hungry every night. The problem is that many people in the world don’t have sufficient land to grow, or income to purchase enough food. Together, we can end hunger, but it’s going to require an active partnership between individuals like you, charitable programs, the private sector and the government. That’s why 1hope International Foundation advocates for policies that will ensure aid to hungry families across the globe.

Since the beginning of our operation in 2014, 1hope International Foundation has been developing and delivering practical, intelligent and sustainable solutions that have transformed lives in our local and international communities. We currently provide our clients with both perishable and non-perishable food. Our expertise combined with local knowledge has allowed us to proudly keep the doors to our Durham Region food bank open to those in need through the Covid-19 pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, we quickly created new policies and practices that enabled us to safely provide food and other necessities to our local clients. Our Covid-19 safe practices include providing our clients with a scheduled no contact pick up of food packages that are customized for their particular needs. Please contact us for more information about becoming a client or on information about becoming a donor.