Meet the Team

Nasreen Karim, President CEO

Mother, Wife, Mentor, Philanthropist

Ms. Karim’s earlier work included securing grants from organizations such as the World Bank and UNICEF for rural impoverish communities in the developing world. She continued her philanthropic work through the 90s and early 2000s in the US where she raised her daughter and ran a business.

Ms. Karim has always been a strong pilar in her community, and after her move and naturalization to Canada, a very liberal and egalitarian democratic member of the developed world, she directed all her focus on philanthropy through 1Hope International Foundation. Ms. Karim is a well-respected and recognized member of the Durham Region, who is known for her compassion and humanitarianism. More info

Hina Farid

Administrative Director

Ms. Farid is a valued member of the 1Hope International Foundation. Her kindheartedness for humanity combined with her administrative expertise makes her an asset to the organization.  Ms. Farid’s extraordinary directorial work has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the foundation.

Syed Javed Chishty

Operations Director

Mr. Chishty is a Canadian entrepreneur and a family man. The foundation’s operation has been carried out under his watchful eye since we opened our doors in 2014. He has been a significant part of designing and organizing the Food Bank, Hygiene and Clothing programs in the local Durham Region and plays a substantial role in client relations.

Amer Maqsood

Director of Technology

1Hope International Foundation’s IT infrastructure and network was designed and implemented by Mr. Maqsood. He laid the foundation for our online presence and continues to assure the organization’s network is secure and operations are carried efficiently with no downtime.

Jamila Whaidi Khan

Finance Director

A vital member of the 1Hope International Foundation family, Ms. Khan is a heavily relied upon pillar of the foundation. Among the many hats she wears is the crucial task of overseeing and assuring adherence to the budget of our humanitarian projects.

Fatima Mukthar


Ms. Mumtaz works closely with the executive team to safeguard the foundation’s finances. With her natural benevolence for humankind, Ms. Mumtaz relentlessly works to assure each one of 1Hope International Foundations project and services are set up for success.

Dr. Rija Sheikh

Project Manager

Dr. Sheikh is responsible for 1Hope International Foundation’s various international projects with a focus on the Water Well Projects. The substantial task of planning, organizing and directing specific international projects and assuring a timely in budget project completion falls on her shoulders.

Anila Sheikh

Field Manager

A fundamental part of the 1Hope Organization’s Water Well project, Ms. Sheikh facilitate in the production and completion of the Water Wells. All the efforts of the executive team are made fruitful through the difficult task of field oversight conducted by Ms. Sheikh and her team.

The very important humanitarian work 1Hope International Foundation is able to successfully conduct is not possible without the inexorable hard work of our team members, affiliates, partners, donors and volunteers like Dr. Yasmeen Siddiqui, Nida Mumtaz, Shaista Karim, Hira Farid and other extraordinary members of the 1Hope International Foundation family who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the betterment of humanity.